Are you feeling the need for community these days more than ever? Are you finding it even harder to stay motivated to keep working towards your goals - health, fitness, career and personal because life during a pandemic is, well, not exactly exciting or motivating? Us too! 

I have partnered up with one of my best friends, Krystin, to create this 6 week program that focuses on accountability, creating community and finding ways to bring joy to your own life every single day! We will be a group of women who want to elevate ourselves & others, who have a strong desire to continue to evolve and grow even if we aren't sure yet where we are headed next. 


This is somehow one of the only pic's we have of the two of us.  We both have two kids almost the exact same ages and have 28579 pic's of our children but there are no appearances of us! #momlife

What's Included?

  • Weekly 1 hour zoom meet up.

  • Each week will have it's own topic to lead our discussion.  We will learn, we will create new and hopefully lasting relationships with other like minded women, we will laugh and heck, knowing myself, we may even shed a few tears (I'm a softie at heart).

  • You will get a virtual swag bag with a bunch of discounts for local (Ontario) female owned businesses.

  • You will gain access to our exclusive WhatsApp group chat where we will continue our conversations throughout the week to help us all stay accountable and be the most badass support system for each other.

  • There will be weekly health/fitness challenges that we hope you will participate in, although they are not mandatory because we understand that everyone has different abilities and we applaud everyone just for showing up for themselves and making themselves a priority by joining a group like this!

  • We will share some of our favourite resources.

  • There is a strong chance we will even dance.... or at least I will. 

We know the pandemic has been hard on so many people, in so many ways so we really wanted to make this affordable for everyone.  The point of this is to come together and lift ourselves up, not empty your wallets.


Start date: Week of Valentines Day 

Pricing: $50 for the full 6 weeks

*That's only $1.19 per day. So for less than the cost of your daily coffee you gain community, motivation, connection, laughs, accountability and some challenges regarding your health.