Hey!  So glad you are here.  Ok, where to begin… 

Ever since I can remember I have had the inability to dream small.  I think up these overly ambitious ideas and get so beyond excited about them.  Earlier in my life I would sometimes find this quality in myself frustrating because I didn’t take the time to make a game plan for how to achieve these audacious goals, I would just wing it and see where I ended up {hint hint… it often wasn’t where I wanted to be}.  Fast forward a decade or two and I am still a huge fan of winging it but I leave that method to things like parenting because let’s face it, no matter how much you plan, your kids are going to throw you a curveball anyway!  When it comes to my goals though, those plans are well calculated with a thorough roadmap on how to get to each milestone along the way. 


I believe in going after your dreams in a planned and measured way.  I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and helping others work through their ideas and making them a reality. I also love wellness, personal development and self love.


One of my biggest wishes for you is to get uncomfortable! That might turn you off and you may be thinking how awful that sounds but if you didn't want to grow you wouldn't be reading my site right now. The phrase “growth happens when you force yourself to get uncomfortable” is often discussed within the personal development field by many speakers & authors. I am such an advocate for this mentality. I want to motivate you to step out of your comfort zone because that is when you will truly start to shine. 


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A little bit about my career…

I am, as Marie Forleo describes, a multi-passionate entrepreneur.  Currently I own or co-own 3 businesses.  I co-own Monday Muse which is a company of handmade kimonos that myself and my business partner / one of my closest friends started together.  We physically sew each and every item that we sell.  I own a liquidation company where I resell goods I have purchased in bulk from large companies. And of course, this coaching business. 

Prior to all of this I worked within the corporate world for a number of years and although I learned alot and I enjoyed some aspects of it {mostly the people if I am being honest}, I always knew something was missing.  I wanted my career to better reflect my personal life and personality and I wanted to make my own schedule so I could free up time for the people and things that mean the most in my life.  Once I got pregnant with my first child I knew even before my maternity leave started that I would not be returning to the company I was working for, or any other company for that matter. 


A few fun facts about me... 

  • I have 2 children, a husband who is also an entrepreneur and a big dog.  

  • I love to dance and frequently have dance parties with my kids.  

  • I LOVE chocolate. Like, it’s borderline addiction… I should probably talk to someone about it. 

  • I absolutely love Jennifer Lopez!  In my next life, I am coming back as her.  

  • I was the one who gave my number to my husband because when I know what I want, I go for it. 

  • I have said I was going to own my own business since I was a teenager.  I have the school project from grade 11 entrepreneurship class to prove it!


Now, I’d love to learn a little more about you!